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We are Ghanaians and we believe that Ghana, cannot develop effectively without change in attitudes. In almost all areas of public and even private service, there are attitudes of people toward their work, which tend to drive prospective customers away. These attitudes range from government department employees to assistants in the shops; from the hospitals to the police. People blame these attitudes on poverty. That the majority of people are poor, cannot be denied.

But is it the real reason? That is why we have provided a lot of areas for discussion on this site for you to voice your opinions about topics of concern. Ours is not to apportion blame. All we hope for, is that we may all be prepared to serve our nation better by changing our attitudes towards our work and towards each other. This does not cost money to achieve, but may go a long way to improve our lot.

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The Hadith is equivalent to the Gospels in the Bible; that is, it contains the sayings and life of the Prophet Mohammed, recorded by close relatives, friends or followers.

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