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Please enter the details of what you are selling below under description(not more than 30 words). If you want to include a picture of the item for sale then select picture checkbox and press the send button. Please remember that you need to be registered before you can place your adverts. Advertising is free for up to 1 month. See Advertising.

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Company/Shop Name:All Things Glass
Item/s:glass works
Description:All shades and thickness of glass for windows and mirrors. If we haven't got what you want, we can order for you.
Date:24 Jan, 2019

Company/Shop Name:Metroclean
Item/s:Washing and Dry cleaning
Description:Washing and dry cleaning of all sorts of clothes. You can trust us to deliver the best you can expect.
Date:01 Jan, 2019

Company/Shop Name:Nick & Ckogar Investment Ltd.
Item/s:Floor Tiles, Jaccuzi Baths
Description:For all your luxury bathroom needs, talk to us first. We stock Floor tiles, Jaccuzi baths, Toilet set, Bathroom mirros, Ceiling panels, Kitchen cabinets.
Phone:0217012100, 02442118
Date:25 Dec, 2018

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