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The idea behind these pages is to encourage businesses to share their ideas and where there are problems, to equally share them as well. This way, it will not be long before each realise the benefits of working together. The problems facing most small businesses are enormous because unlike most developped countries, the inteprenears are not aware of where or how they can get help from goverment departments or private sources. It is hoped that through these pages will come an awareness which has hitherto been difficult to come by or known to only to a few.

We have listed 8 business areas and the last one caters for any others not mentioned. So for example if you are a farmer and are facing problems which you think other farmers may have aswell then select Farming from the Business menu and select Farming. There you may write your comments in the text box provided. it usually will take about a day for your comments to be displayed on this page.

The following are the issues we will be talking about in the following pages, namely:

  • Farming

  • Textiles Trading

  • Furniture Making

  • Timber Lumbering

  • Mines

  • Large Shops

  • Small Shops

  • Hawking

  • Any other businesses

  • Please note that you need to register at the Home page to be able to post your problems/comments/ideas.

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