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This page is primarily farmers forum. Before independence, about 60% of working population in Ghana were farmers. The farmers contributed most of the country's annual income - through taxes and mostly through the exportation of cocoa. Unfortunately most of the farmers were illiterate but knew their job.

The Nkrumah government set out as priority to make access to education throughout the country. By the 1960s it was obvious what was happening. Those who had acquired qualifications in the numerous institutions started moving into the cities because the cities were the only places they could find appropriate jobs. The trend has continued ever since.

Most of the generation of qualified people no longer found their villages or towns attractive for them mainly because there were no basic amenities, like pipe borne water or electricity. Without water and electricity, try as the government did, could not persuade the youth to stay in their villages. As a result of this mass exodus from villages to cities, the number of farmers compared to pre-independence, has been drastically reduced.

However, the situation seems to be improving with the government's drive to provide electricity to most towns and villages. There is still a lot the government can do. Top on the list should be storage. Since most of the farming produce is seasonal, there are periods in the year where tons of things like tomatoes, oranges, mangoes etc are wasted because if they are not sold there is nowhere to keep them. There should be systems in place like cocoa sales. There should be places where the farmers can take their produce and get decent prices for them. These places should then have organised centres for storage or processing so that in the lean months when some of these items may be lacking, they may be released into the market place.

If you have any ideas or problems which you think other farmers may be interested, then you may fill the following form (not more than 300 words) and press the send button.


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