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The purpose of this page is to encourage you to report any accidents or incidents which may be of public interest. Road side hawking has been part of Ghanaian life for as long as we can remember. The problem is, it is becoming more dangerous by the day. The volume of traffic is such that almost everyday, especially in Accra and Kumasi, there are fatal accidents. Most of the people who get caught up in this kind of work are very young people; on average between 10 and 30 year olds. The hawkers usually gather around traffic light spots and watch out for the traffic red light to stop the traffic. But out of desperation to earn a living, some sometimes risk selling on the roads even when the lights show green.

It is not uncommon for one to see a hawker chasing a vehicle to collect their money in the middle of busy traffic. And some unscrupulous people deliberately don't pay. The cheating is on both sides - the hawker and the buyer. Sometimes a hawker will delay giving change and sometimes the buyer will delay handing out the money. This kind of thing can distract the hawker's attention and may result in him/her being involved in accidents.

If you have seen any such accidents lately or you have any ideas which may safeguard hawkers, then you may fill the following form (not more than 300 words) and press the send button.


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