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Welcome to Ghana Muntie which by interpretation in Akan, means - Ghana Listen. We are excited to have this site which we hope will be a popular platform for information and for you, the visitor, to air your views about Ghana.

Ghana is a great country which, from the authors' point of view, has all the potential and resources for positive change. But to make the changes necessary, we need to acknowledge our failings. It is said that unless one accepts one's failings nothing can be done to help them.We have therefore, under 'Problems' menu section, identified what we consider the most pressing issues the country needs to deal with. Sometime ago, somebody was commenting on the problems of Africa and he said a miracle is needed in order for Africa to change. But change don't come unless you are ready for it.

We believe that if we accept our responsibilities and recognize where things have gone wrong, then we can start tackling the problems facing us in a more positive manner

In the past, or even now, we blamed everything on our colonial 'masters'. But we have had independence since 1957 - that is over 50 years. Surely this excuse don't wash any more. To make progress we have to forgive ourselves for the years wasted in blaming others for our troubles and start taking positive steps for change.

Remember Malasia or Singapore? In terms of progress, Ghanaians should have been enjoying similar standards since the periods for determining our destinies were similar.

We believe that like a child, every country grows, evolves, learns its mistakes and then comes a period of stability when progress can be made. Apart from a few countries, many countries in Africa have now stabilized and are trying hard to establish some form of democratic systems which suit their culture. But the important thing is, there should always be a climate where the citizens feel free to express their opinions and choose the governments they want. Without stability there can be no progress. There are things we can start tackling now and that is why this site has been created for people to air their opinions about local or national issues.

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