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Welcome to the Ghana institutions site. The authors of this site decided it would be a good idea for Ghana schools/colleges/universities etc. to have a site where current as well as old students may communicate with old boys/girls and discuss issues of concern or just share general information.

There are over 500 educational institutions in Ghana. We have grouped these institutions into five main groups namely, Secondary schools, Polytechnics, Training Colleges, Universities, and Others. The institutions under Others are those which don't fall naturally into any of the above groups.

So to search for your institution, select the appropriate menu. If your institution is not listed under any of the four main groups you may then look under Others. If you still can't find your institution, you may fill in the form on the first page of either Secondary School, Polytechnics etc. Obviously it is likely that we have not been able to include every institution in Ghana into our list. We hope to include your institute after receiving information about it.

To use the facilities you select the catergory of your institution and then select your institution from the dropdown menu. The pages following this point, enable you to have access to the news pages and to get in touch with some of your mates whom you may not have seen or heard of since you finished your education/training etc. But remember that to be able to read news/comments or contact any of your old boy/girl you will need to register. Please Go to your institution page and Register there. Note that registering in the 'Welcome' or 'Home' page does not give you access to your institution. Registration is free. Your details will never be passed on to anybody unless you give specific permission to do so.

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The Hadith is equivalent to the Gospels in the Bible; that is, it contains the sayings and life of the Prophet Mohammed, recorded by close relatives, friends or followers.

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