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How do we define large shops as against small ones. What we mean by large shops are publicly or privately owned shops with more than 50 employees around the country. The purpose of this page is to look at attitudes of employees and problems with returns.

The authors of this site have investigated some of the attitudes of employees in the work place. Usually they may pretend they have not seen you in the shop and if they have, you would be lucky if asked if they could help you. Their excuse for such behaviour is the low pay they get. There is no doubt that they get low wages but then this is reflected even in the developped world. For some reason shop assistants everywhere are among the least paid national bracket. Secondly, whereas it should be easy to return goods which are found after purchase to be faulty, it definitely not so in Ghana. some shops actually have setups to try equipment in your presence before purchase; which is great but so long as receipt is produced when an equipment breaks down within a reasonably short time then the shops should be obliged to replace them.

If you have experienced any problems of similar nature please let us know.

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