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Welcome to Problems pages. Whereas in some countries, crime or poverty may be the main concern, we have chosen to highlight a few of the problems which to us, are priorities. Poverty is endemic, yes, but for a country which has enjoyed independence for over 50 years not to have certain basic structures to make life bearable for the majority, is something we should all consider seriously. We are not blaming any particular government now or in the past.

What we are saying is, let us look into the future and see if we can redress some of the problems which have led us into the mess we live in. We have chosen 12 areas which we hope we will look and try to understand why things are the way they are and how best we can tackle some of the problems.

The following are the issues we will be talking about in the following pages, namely:

  • Water Supply

  • Electricity Supply

  • Medical Care

  • Transportation

  • Sewage

  • Addressing

  • Accra

  • Education

  • Property

  • Religion

  • Telecommunication

  • Movies

  • For each of the above pages (which can be accessed via Problem menu on the top), there is open forum discussions and you may contribute to these discussions by filling the form. If you are not registered with us, you can read the pages but you cannot contribute to the discussions. Please note that the idea behind these pages are for you to inform about your own experiences with the topics discussed with the aim, perhaps, of helping us to face up to the truths of our society and how you and I as individuals can help change some of the attitudes in our work environments.

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