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You may find it a bit strange that religion is considered a problem. We stress that for most parts, it is good for us. But what we want to talk about here are a few things that need to be said to open up discussions. For example, in this country, some people would rather prefer a pastor praying for them when they have common malaria than to see a doctor. The pastor instead of advising their 'flock' to see doctors would rather their flock kept coming to them. For the unscrupulous pastor, this is a way of making money. Have you or anybody you know experienced such deplorable misconduct with your pastor/priest. Your experience could help somebody not to fall in the same trap. You may fill the following form (not more than 300 words) and press the send button.


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The Hadith is equivalent to the Gospels in the Bible; that is, it contains the sayings and life of the Prophet Mohammed, recorded by close relatives, friends or followers.

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