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By small shops, we mean basic family shops with just a few employees. What in other parts of the world are regarded as corner shops. These shops usually sell basic commodities for the house including newspapers, cigarets, toiletries, stationeries etc. You may ask why a page is allocated for small shops. The reason is in our survey about a year ago we found out these shops face huge problems - top of the list is how much rent some of these shops have to pay. Infact, most of them are not even breaking even. To the owners it is a means of hope that sustains them. Usually most of them have been passed from father to son or daughter.

The authors of this site think that there should be some kind of education to help small businesses in order to be able to make basic judgements whether it is worth continuing in that line of business or not. There are several small businesses which are not making profits at all.

Since most of the problems are common, it may be worthwhile for small shops/businesses to form some sort of association so that together they could lobby the government for help. Afterall, majority of shops in Ghana come under this category and together there can be a lot of improvement in how they can go about issues affecting them.

If you have any ideas which will help your area of business, then you may fill the following form (not more than 300 words) and press the send button.


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