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Irresponsible timber felling is one of the eco disasters we face in Africa and South America. Perhaps it is incorrect to label the timber cutters as irresponsible because from their point of view timber fellings are a way of living to provide people with jobs. But like everything else, the problem is not the cutting of some trees but the management of it. Just imagine cutting and not thinking about replacing. There are areas in Ghana which used to be thick forests but have now been reduced to patched or baren lands because of the lack of shelter from the sun's heat. The danger is the process spreads like cancer and one finds that in a couple of decades the landscape becomes unrecognisable.

On the other hand if the processes are well managed then the country as a whole should benefit from the income generated without scarring our most important asset - land.

If you have any problems resulting from timber cuttings which are adversely affecting the environment, then you may fill the following form (not more than 300 words) and press the send button.


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